by Mary Beth Huwe

I haven’t posted in a looooong time. Maybe you’ve noticed.

A few days before Christmas, I had just finished up giving the first acupuncture treatments I’d performed since my baby’s birth. He was five months old.

We were in the car. My husband was in the passenger seat, the baby was clipped into his car seat, and I was driving,

An 18-wheeler hit us from behind at 55 mph. The experience was harrowing. Three months later I can still hear the sounds.

A picture of my smashed up car. Freaky.
The remnants of our car.

And we all survived, Miraculous. (Thank you, Subaru. Thank you, divine stunt-driving presence that awoke in me.)

No broken bones. No punctured organs. No brain bleed. No Brian bleed. No baby bleed.

But I hit my head. Hard. And it has changed me. Lots.

So now I’m learning to navigate this new landscape.

And I hope you’ll join me for the next stages. I think they’ll be somewhat off-road-ish, so buckle up. (It’s a good practice in general.)

Shine on,


Mary Beth Huwe is a writer, an editor, and a strategist. She helps entrepreneurs identify, articulate, and translate their most essential messages into kickin’ content that is  communicative, practical, and in alignment.  

These essays are forays into the art and essence of communication. They have not been subjected to the full scrutiny of said editor’s eye, and may contain typos. (But you’ll probably never find apostrophe abuse, because that’s just cruel.)

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