Who you talkin’ at? (The importance of salutations & what Liz Gilbert is telling us.)

by MB Huwe Some things are hard to write about in the marketing world without coming across like a cantankerous, festering, perfectionist critic. In my estimation, there are approximately two kinds of criticism. The tearing-down, cruelly-intended, immobilizing kind. The constructive, helpful, elevating kind. Number one is the worst. It is “ew”-worthy. The best example I […]

Buh-Bye Bridezilla (and other BS best left behind)

by Mary Beth Huwe GUESS WHAT! (I have to go all-caps on the above imperative because the truth is so liberating, it’s worth shouting about.) “Bridezilla” is a load of donkey dung, and getting married can be really fun. Like, squinty-eyed-smile-fun (see photo.)   Few events activate our creativity more than ceremonies.   Ceremonies of […]

The 2 Sad Marketing Mistakes That Make People Cray-Cray (That’s An Industry Term.)

by Mary Beth Huwe There are 2 main mistakes I see entrepreneurs making in their marketing, and they are almost opposites… which is to say, they’re enough to drive anyone nuts. Let’s look at “Sheila” as an example. Sheila runs a sports medicine clinic where she and her associates offer physical therapy and massage. Here’s […]

How Marketing Is Like Wine (+ Just Say No To Buzz Words.)

by Mary Beth Huwe Click the “play” arrow if you’d like me to read this essay to you. I love marketing. I perceive it as an opportunity for connection, communication, and creativity. (And also, apparently, alliteration.) Many people don’t like marketing- or think they don’t. They find it to be cheesy, manipulative, and off-putting. I […]

The MOST wonderfully embarrassing typo type… and how to dodge it.

by Mary Beth Huwe Click the “play” arrow if you’d like me to read this essay to you.   Remember this poor little guy?   His superpower intruded upon his ability to feel happy and safe. He was isolated, misunderstood, and attempting to shoulder a greater sense of responsibility than he could bear. I think […]