Who you talkin’ at? (The importance of salutations & what Liz Gilbert is telling us.)

by MB Huwe Some things are hard to write about in the marketing world without coming across like a cantankerous, festering, perfectionist critic. In my estimation, there are approximately two kinds of criticism. The tearing-down, cruelly-intended, immobilizing kind. The constructive, helpful, elevating kind. Number one is the worst. It is “ew”-worthy. The best example I […]

Buh-Bye Bridezilla (and other BS best left behind)

by Mary Beth Huwe GUESS WHAT! (I have to go all-caps on the above imperative because the truth is so liberating, it’s worth shouting about.) “Bridezilla” is a load of donkey dung, and getting married can be really fun. Like, squinty-eyed-smile-fun (see photo.)   Few events activate our creativity more than ceremonies.   Ceremonies of […]