Praise Be!

I love to gather testimonials and craft case studies for clients. For myself? Mmmm, notsomuch.

I’ve thought about hiring me to do my case study process with my clients, but then I’d have to impersonate someone else, and I haven’t found any wigs I like, plus this accent’s hard to hide.

The fine folks below took mercy on me and whipped up a few short lines of praise while I scuffed the toes of my shoes and said, “Aw, shucks.”

"MBH's content is top-shelf across the board. Always strategically sound and on-point. Always consistent with the defined tone. And very rarely in need of edits or revisions. Particularly important in this day and age, unnecessary words are not a factor - everything holds value or purpose."
Reid Pichard, President | VitalOpps

"MB did a fantastic job with the content for the site we collaborated on together. Thanks to her work, it was one of those few sites whose content was actually ready to go live. The content was better than excellent; her understanding of how to help copy and design enhance each other is rare and valuable!"
Pat Scully, Creative Director | Killer Shark Marketing

Brooke Huwe Writing Testimonial
"Mary Beth is a trusted asset to my business's brand. Her approach is very personal and creative. She's also easy to work with - very clear communication skills and wicked efficient!"
Brooke Tyler, Owner | CoreSelf Pilates

"Creative, inspired, motivated, clear, concise, eloquent, organized, and efficient all describe MB. But I can sum up the experience of working with her in a word: lovely!"
Sally Robinson, Owner | White Pine Acupuncture

"Mary Beth is smart, intuitive, and a LOT of fun to work with! Tasks that felt really challenging and awfully tedious to tackle on my own have, with her support, given me new energy and focus around taking my business to its next level."
Hilary Drake, Owner | Thrive Yoga Therapy

"Mary Beth is refreshing to work with. She has interesting, out-of-the-ordinary ideas that spark genuine creativity. Her intuition is spot-on… she just gets it!"
Mary McKinley, Designer

"I so appreciate MB's keen eye for balance and spark. Her suggestions for Qiological were like adding just a splash of fish sauce. It deepens the flavor and adds something notable, but hard to put into words."
- Michael Max, Host | Qiological Podcast