Custom-crafted wedding vows & ceremonies

There’s a reason ceremony has been around for as long as humans have; we need it. Coming together in ceremony is electric, sweet, moving, comforting, and symbolic.

Something changes when we declare our intentions to each other in front of witnesses… whether they are 2 or 200 in number is immaterial. The transformation of the moment occurs.

As times change, the fabric of the ceremony needs to change, too, to fit the people it’s meant to honor.

So much of the modern experience is a one-size-fits-all deal that fits pretty much… no one. It’s lackluster and dull and unfulfilling, and pretty disappointing.

And who wants to feel that about their wedding?

You already know you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, what your Aunt Bertha thinks you should do, or what your childhood you thought you would do.

Maybe you’re looking around for a script that suits you. And you’re coming up short, yeah? There’s a reason for that.

Marriage is evolving. (Can I get a hallelujah?) And the scripts don’t fit.

Changing marriage roles are exciting, overdue, and such a welcome development! As a result of these shifts, the old ceremony structure can feel… awkward, at best. Stifling at worst.

And the old vows might feel rote or (yikes) meaningless.

In response, maybe you want to write your own vows and ceremony, to infuse them with intention and meaning. Yay! Sounds great!

But then when it comes to the actual doing of it, you feel overwhelmed, lost, and end up googling “wedding vows and ceremony,” which circles back to that “generic” feeling.

Aw. Boo! (See also, “Aw, boo!”)

The good news is there’s no such thing as “what a wedding ceremony is supposed to be.”

Well, except for this one thing:

A wedding ceremony is what you two want it to be.

There’s so much that goes into your wedding day – the food, the beverages, the music, the venue, the attendants, or the lack of attendants, the flowers, don’t forget the napkins, the favors… you know, the stuff.

The tactile stuff. The beautiful stuff. The party stuff.

But when it comes down to it, the ceremony is where the magic happens, if we let it.

So, let’s let it.

Let’s create a ceremony and vows that are in tune with your voice –  that flow naturally and let loose the sacred solemnity and joy of the occasion.

Let’s build a ceremony that reflects the essence of your particular bond – not your grandma’s or the patriarchy’s or what the Internet says is what’s in – your bond.

Let’s craft vows celebrating that bond, and your truest intentions toward each other.

And here’s how we’ll do it.

We have a chat and decide, “Yes please, let’s work together.” 

NB: If you’re my clients, you are likely a non-conforming, unconventional, we-know-who-we-are modern couple. I don’t have attachments to or rules about your race, gender identification, age, sexual orientation, religion, or lack of religion. Or favorite color. Or library card fines. All that falls under the category of “you being you” and has exactly zero to do with me.

I do need you to be in love, however, if I’m going to help you write about your love for each other. So that’s the prerequisite.

After we chat and agree that it’s a good fit, I email you the workbook and video materials I’ve created to get your thoughts rolling. That piece of the process is self-paced for your convenience.

Then we use other handy technology to have a “face-to-face” digital convo.

We make choices about tone, style, voice, diction, essential components, and other thrilling things that will make the final product truly yours.

We create. We refine. We work out the kinks. (We have a good time.)

I’ve packaged these services in various ways, depending on how much 1:1 work your hearts desire, and when your deadline is. The shortest turnaround time is a 3-week intensive. More leisurely paces are available.


How ’bout we drop that one-size-fits-none glass slipper?

It’s your love. Let’s write it how you mean it.

Wanna learn more? Click here to set up a (free) consultation call. Can’t wait to talk.