I’m a classical acupuncturist & herbalist

Does that seem unrelated to writing and brand identity, perhaps?

I can see that. But it’s not.

Here’s why:

My undergraduate work (at The College of William & Mary) was in English and French; this essentially meant that I spent lots of time reading, writing, and thinking.

Part of what drew me to Chinese medicine – and what holds me here – is its endless emphasis on thoughtfulness and presence of mind.


There is nothing dull or rote about acupuncture and herbal medicine; they are both at once timeless and spontaneous.


Understanding the universal ways of life – birth, growth, sickness, wellness, aging, death – and holding that knowledge while treating the individual person is a defining characteristic of practicing this medicine.

For me, this style of helping people to find and maintain wellness in their lives is profoundly meaningful and satisfying.


My client base is the same in acupuncture and writing services.


I love working with entrepreneurs, “makers,” artists, writers, performers, restaurant owners… in short, people whose work demands something particular of them. People whose personal unfolding happens through their work. Acupuncture and herbal medicine help dissolve obstacles that block this unfolding; it’s the treatment version of Content Strategy for the Entrepreneur.

And I love working with people as they experience big, meaningful shifts in their lives – people undergoing transition and transformation. This can be a change of career, a major illness, the beginning of a relationship or the end of one, conception, birth… you get the picture. It’s the treatment version of Writes of Passage.

And it’s, in the parlance of our times, my jam.

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