Content Strategy

There’s enough boring, stale, rote, copycatted copy flapping lifelessly about in the marketing world… the same ol’ plain ol’ recycled nonsense that says absolutely zero things of substance. It’s full of buzzwords and bloated filler, and does not earn its keep.

Please, wise business owner! Talking to you, creative entrepreneur! Spare yourself the pain of paying for one-off copy – another round of tropes-n-tripe… and spare us all the gastric pain of consuming it.

Down with floppy copy! Wipe away those wilted words! Lose the lukewarm language! Pitch all the placating platitudes!

Instead, use your words to say something real. And say it in the language of your business.

Saying something real means writing by design. It means beginning with the end in mind, and using language to a purpose. It means not stuffing your white space with Words Words Words like it’s your belly at a pre-COVID all-you-can-eat buffet with cash money prizes to the wallet behind the biggest stack of licked-clean plates.

Chances are, your current content is written in someone else’s language.

Target’s language. The Joneses’ language. Your copywriter’s mom’s language. Or a combination thereof. And if that’s the case, you’re wondering why it doesn’t get the traction you’d like.

Because you’re mud-boggin’ in slick tires, honey, that’s why. Translation: you need a fitting foundation before you can get anywhere.

Saying something real in the language of your business requires focused inquiry. And it’s a worthy pursuit, because the ability to know and speak your business’s own language with cogent fluency has a direct and powerful result. A doozy, dizzily good news result.

The attendant content will reach people in their feeling and thinking brains, with a message so clearly and consistently articulated that those same people will:

  • Self-select, proudly raising their hands with a “dern tootin’, I need that!”*
  • Decline for themselves, but recognize who among their friends, family, and/or associates needs to know about you.

*Other examples of asserted certainty include, Indeed!; Hell, yes!; Is she talking to me? I think she’s talking to me!; That’ll do; Oh sweet relief, I’ve finally found someone who gets it!

Here’s the deal; hard truth ahead.

Knowing and speaking your business’s language require looking inward – not outward.

You won’t find your language and realness at Target, pool-side at the Joneses’ house, or in your copywriter’s mom’s library tote bag. Nope. It’s an inside job, and it’s one I can guide you through.

Saying something real is not rocket science, but it is somewhat extra-terrestrial; saying something real is about claiming your space.

Let me help you with that.

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