The 2 Sad Marketing Mistakes That Make People Cray-Cray (That’s An Industry Term.)

by Mary Beth Huwe There are 2 main mistakes I see entrepreneurs making in their marketing, and they are almost opposites… which is to say, they’re enough to drive anyone nuts. Let’s look at “Sheila” as an example. Sheila runs a sports medicine clinic where she and her associates offer physical therapy and massage. Here’s […]

How Marketing Is Like Wine (+ Just Say No To Buzz Words.)

by Mary Beth Huwe Click the “play” arrow if you’d like me to read this essay to you. I love marketing. I perceive it as an opportunity for connection, communication, and creativity. (And also, apparently, alliteration.) Many people don’t like marketing- or think they don’t. They find it to be cheesy, manipulative, and off-putting. I […]