Fun fact: I am currently on hiatus from the professional practice of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and meditation.

Let me know if you’d like to be notified when I start seeing well-being clients again!

Natural medicine is a completely different way of understanding health, healing, life, and death than the “conventional” biomedical model most of us grew up with in the west.

Having an effective therapeutic relationship within a natural medical paradigm takes some skill – listening, openness, honesty, and self-trust.

(And at the same time, an effective therapeutic relationship within a natural medical paradigm builds skills like listening, openness, honesty, and self-trust.)

That’s because it’s a medicine you do with yourself, not to yourself.

I practice classical Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, meditation, and qi-gong. I was taught in the Daoist tradition, and am most familiar with the Jade Purity (Yu Qing) and the Complete Reality (Chuan Chen) schools as taught by Jeffrey Yuen. (You can learn what that means, and about my credentials and training here.)

Part of what drew me to Chinese medicine – and what holds me here – is its endless emphasis on thoughtfulness and presence of mind. There is nothing dull or rote about acupuncture and herbal medicine; they are both at once timeless and spontaneous. Understanding the universal ways of life – birth, growth, sickness, wellness, aging, death – and holding that knowledge while treating the individual person is a defining characteristic of practicing this medicine.

In my experience and education, I understand healing as a practical art – one that requires affinity, application, and awareness. Healing is not something someone does to someone else. Healing can be inspired or facilitated by a relationship with someone else, yet healing is always internal.

My well-being services in Fincastle, VA are all individualized, custom offerings that treat you, the individual, wherever you are in life. I also offer remote (i.e. digital) services in the forms of consultations, herbal medicine prescriptions, and meditation exercises.