What are you up to?

Giving singing lessons. Training dogs. Designing websites. Cooking food. Creating custom wellness plans. Deploying software.

My clients are entrepreneurs, and they know how to do neat things. What they don’t know how to do is mindfully and strategically write about the neat things they do.

They often don’t see the many prongs and layers of the fabulousness, intricacies, and expertise of their work. They may be wasting time inefficiently communicating on irrelevant platforms because they think they’re supposed to.

How about you?

Chances are, you give minimal thought to your content; you’re busy doing that neat thing you do.

Or maybe you do give thought to your content – overwhelmed, anxious thought. Maybe you have no idea where to start; you don’t know what’s essential.

Because there are so many things you could do that you don’t start anywhere. You just start shoulding all over yourself, as the saying goes.

Look what XYZ does, you might think. I should do that. I should update my site content. I should check into my SEO. I should plan out my social media. I should I should I should I should just go back to school and become an astronaut.

And hey… that’s work, too, but the pace is relentless and the returns are diminishing. (At best.)

I can interrupt that loop and get your content on track.

I help uncover your fundamental messages and then translate them into polished content that retains your voice – versatile content that’s applicable in a wide range of marketing and communications contexts.

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Shine on,

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