Writes of Passage

Custom-crafted ritual & ceremony

There’s a reason ceremony has been around for as long as humans have; we need it.

Whether we come together in fellowship or go at it alone, something happens to us during meaningful ceremony.

Something electric, sweet, moving, comforting, and symbolic.

Ceremony marks change. It says, “This thing that’s happening matters.” In that way, it honors us – who we have been, and who we are becoming.

Through Writes of Passage, I offer you my help as you navigate the meaningful markers, changes, and milestones of your seasons of life.

  • Wedding vows & ceremonies
  • Commemorating the life of a loved one
  • New vows following a divorce
  • Birth blessings
  • Adoption ceremonies
  • Acknowledging anniversaries of loss, birth, and change of any sort

This experience is thoroughly custom, and can involve words, meditation, herbs, and essential oils.

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