Say Something Real

Do you know how much businesses pay marketers to Say Absolutely Nothing, Exactly The Same Way Everyone Else Is Saying Absolutely Nothing?

(That was rhetorical. I don’t know either; it’s too depressing.)

Pro tip! You don’t need to hire out for that kind of writing. Just compensate your next-door neighbors’ 4th grade twins with a box of Oreos and teach ’em CtrlC + CtrlV = Your new marketing plan.1

Sloppy, floppy, buzzword-ridden, hollow, meaningless, copycatted marketing copy is a waste of your time, your money, and quite possibly contributes to climate change and habitat loss for adorable baby animals.2

Don’t quote me on that until you read the footnote.

It also alienates your audiences, who are – frankly – over it. (Or hashtag tarduvit, which looks like Latin but is how I pronounce over it.)

I write sensible, slightly magical, compelling, aligned, tight, engaging content for humans interested in communicating with other humans. No bloated filler, no pandering. Hard stop. And before I ever write a word for you or your business…

I help you identify
your messages
your tone and language
and how to best position said things.
THEN I write the words for you.

I said it, that’s who.

Because – here’s the truth of the matter – before we can express something well to others, it’s imperative to know it well ourselves.

NB: That’s why lazy copy fails every time, because it fails to investigate and clarify… instead, it just starts yapping and then invoices you.

By the time the curtain drops on our project, you’ll be so confident about your copy that you can repurpose and tweak your content in the future – in any medium – without my help. (Or with my help if you just miss my accent.)

I’m MB. Glad you’re here.

  1. If it sounds like I’m perturbed or have a proverbial bee in my bonnet, that’s because I’m perturbed and have a proverbial bee in my bonnet.
  2. I wrote that as a hyperbolic joke, but it actually does hold up under scrutiny. If we cure our disingenuous marketing, we solve so many problems.