Content strategy for the entrepreneur

Content is powerful, and when it’s approached with a creative and strategic hand, it leads to clear communication, conversion, and happy clients. (Again and again.)

Your company’s messaging shines best when it’s communicated in your brand voice not in an outsourced auto-tuned voice.

Your clients don’t want a big-box experience; they want connection, service, and expertise.

Strategic, creative content helps potential clients clearly see your brand; it helps them connect to your expertise.

But when you are in your business – fully engaged in the work you do and the clients you serve – approaching your content with creativity and strategy is probably not at the top of your to-do list.

Or maybe it is at the top of your to-do list, and you’re ignoring it and/or stressing out about it because it’s overwhelming.

Getting help with your content can be liberating! (Srsly.)

I help entrepreneurial clients like you identify, articulate, and translate your most essential messages into content that is communicative, practical, and in alignment with your brand’s mission.

I can help you figure out what your key messages are, what your voice is, and how to best position them both.

You’ll be so confident about this that you can repurpose and tweak your content in the future – in any medium – either with or without my help.

You don’t have to reinvent the daggum wheel every single time you need some words about a thing. 

Our work together can take a couple of forms: editing, writing, or editing + writing. We’ll uncover your fundamental messages and then translate them into polished content that your customers (or customers-to-be) want to read – content that engages them… that speaks to them, that helps them feel seen, heard, and understood in relation to your services or products.

Ultimately, we’re helping your clients and customers recognize themselves in the marketing and messaging you’re sending out into the world.

This results in the right people finding you – people you like to work with, people who value and need your services, people you can help.

I work from the inside out.

So instead of coming up with a tagline or a body of content from the outside and applying it  – like an outfit or a suit of armor – I help to reveal what’s already inside and at work in your business.

Then we refine and create messaging that fits in a variety of outlets – such as social media, site content, ad campaigns, tools for clients, or internal documents like handbooks and contracts.

My process is not about plastering the buzzwordiest bumper stickers I can think of all over your business.

It’s not about stitching a suit of clothes fit for an Emperor.

It’s about finding, strengthening, and directing your brand voice throughout all of your communications.

This consistent and aligned approach shows clients and customers what you have to offer – clearly, unabashedly, and with purpose.

Because you’ll get to know your own messages and voice – and because I’ll provide you with handy tools and know-how – after we’ve finished our work together, you’ll have the flexibility and confidence to change your content in-house as you see fit.

If you see fit.

Some folks are happy to go forth and implement. Others like to come back for periodic check-ins or keep me on retainer. In the course of working together, we’ll find what works best for you.

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