My services change as I change, though they all stem from my two areas of expertise: writing and the healing arts.

I offer writing services for business and life.

The “business” part is editing or content strategy for entrepreneurs. This is intentional content marketing made fun, invigorating, and designed specifically for the small business owner.

The “life” part is Writes of Passage. This doesn’t have anything to do with business. It is about crafting ceremonies that honor life’s big shifts – weddings, births, deaths, and other transitions.

I offer well-being services for quality of life.

Understanding the universal ways of life – birth, growth, sickness, wellness, aging, death – and holding that knowledge while treating the individual person is a defining characteristic of practicing this medicine.

For me, this style of helping people to find and maintain wellness in their lives is profoundly meaningful and satisfying.

I love working with entrepreneurs, “makers,” artists, writers, performers, restaurant owners… in short, people whose work demands something particular of them. People whose personal unfolding happens through their work.

Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and meditation help dissolve obstacles that block this unfolding, and I work with clients to create a custom combination that works for them.


All work with me starts with a free consultation call. Click here to schedule yours.