Let’s work together

Writes of Passage services are offered on a case-by-case basis. Contact me for more info.

All custom and 1:1, here follow my content strategy offers:

The Process

In order to connect with people, your content must be rooted in a solid foundation, accurately representing your business’s essential messages and promises. The Foundational Clarity Process (FCP) leads you to that sturdy and scalable end. Culminates in a custom Language Guide for your future use.

Process + Edit

After leading you through the FCP, I offer a written assessment on the content generated by you (or someone on your team.) My edits include suggestions to further strengthen your copy, as well as a proofreading polish.

Process + Content

First the process, then the writing… but this time you get the benefit of my editing eye and my composing pen. In other words, I write the thing(s) for you. Includes two rounds of revisions.

Let’s build something together.

What People Say

The Essence and Word Palette really found my voice and made it easy for our team to replicate.

Holly M. | Sales Consultation

Mary Beth is a thought partner. Top-shelf across the board. Always strategically sound and on-point. Without a doubt her process doesn’t just deliver great content, but helps improve your business.

Reid P. | SaaS

This was a very reflective process, much bigger than I had imagined. Pulling all the threads together of what I do and what my business even actually is… all very important and integral.

Ada S. | Wellness