Buh-Bye Bridezilla

by Mary Beth Huwe


(I have to go all-caps on the above imperative because the truth is so liberating, it’s worth shouting about.)

“Bridezilla” is a load of donkey dung, and getting married can be really fun. Like, squinty-eyed-smile-fun (see photo.)


Few events activate our creativity more than ceremonies.


Ceremonies of all kinds – weddings, birth blessings, funerals, whatever shift or transformation you can think of – give us the opportunity to show up and create something in alignment with who we are.

And not just who we are – but who we have been, and who we think we are becoming.  That is the gift of ceremony.

Weddings in particular are supremely primed for such an expression because they’re relatively simple. There are lots of feelings, of course, wrapped up in weddings. Some of those feelings are conflicting, yes. But typically this is less complex and traumatic than birth or death. There’s lots of room for straightforward beauty and creation.


So what the what with the Bridezilla crap?


Let it go, people. The pressure to perform, to please, to be perfect – that is ALL SO 1950s.

The persisterhood and the men of conscience before us have done a lot of dang work to say “aw hell, naw” in various languages, deeds, and acts of heroism – both great and small – to free us from the trappings of such crappy, narrow roles as Bridezilla.


A wedding isn’t a thing you do TO yourself or to your future spouse. It’s something you get to create; it’s a symbol of what you two can do together. 


I dig that. Diiiiiiiiig it, in fact. It’s why I’m offering Writes of Passage, a new MBH service in which I work with loving, engaged couples of all persuasions (love is love up in here) to craft their wedding vows and ceremonies.

Together we can take out the stress of replacing outdated vows. We can delve into what really matters to you, and we can create vows and a ceremony that resonate with your understanding of yourselves. That’s what matters most.

It’s your love. Let’s write it how you mean it.


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I’m Mary Beth Huwe (pronounced Huey. Obviously.) I offer writing and branding services for business and life.

The “business” part is content strategy for entrepreneurs. It’s intentional content marketing made fun, invigorating, and designed specifically for the solopreneur and small business owner.

The “life” part is Writes of Passage. It’s about crafting ceremonies that honor life’s big shifts – weddings, births, deaths, and other transitions.

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